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This is my favorite mountain(Rondane GPS position 32539633E 6858270N)
far away from my computer and internet business.
In the summertime I try spend as much time as possible up in the mountains
as I have found that by immersing myself in nature, I am allowed a better
understanding of the world around me.

My home town is Bergen, and it's a beautiful place to visit.
Video from my area

My Recommendations

I only offer or recommend products that I either use myself, or have actively researched them, and found them to be the best of its category. I ignore poor quality products, and products not directly relevant to your success.

Who runs the site?

I do! There is no company or corporation behind the site. It's just me, my time, and my money!
I guess you could say it is a hobby and a labor or love. And, as it does cost money to
keep the site running, it is really appreciated when you visit my sponsors

You can be a bit part of by sending me your favorite travel "stuff." I am always
looking for interesting things to see and do (Anywhere in the world - If I don't have a page on the location
you send, I'll make one!), good overnights, places for good food, and anything else you have.
I also am always on the lookout for great travel links.

My main travel interests are wildernesses and remote, hideaway destinations.

I've had an interest in photography for almost 30 years, and I mainly photographing people
in action and nature photo. Over these many years I've taken countless photos of countless subjects.

Photography is the art of communicating passion.
You need to be passionate about whatever it is that you photograph.
If you are passionate you'll get great results, if you don't care, you won't.

Photography is communicating passion and sparking excitement in the mind and body of another person.
If you don't care about the subject then the results won't get beyond the basics.
Care deeply and incredible things happen. Don't care and you are quickly forgotten.


Magnar Gregersen
5355 Knarrevik

Phone: 47-56311207

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