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Coopering is alive and well in one of our Norwegian Fjords
The Art Of Barrel Making

It's a lot of small fjords in Norway that you don’t find on any Brochure
front page. This small fjords have their own and unique qualities and culture.
Holmefjord and Boga the commune of Fusa are one of these location.
A beautiful small fjord with a few isle’s where you can take a picnic if you
have a small boat.

Most people have not heard of coopering, the art of barrel making, let alone
seen a cooper at work. Now a dying trade in most places due to the "over
mechanization" of the craft, coopering is alive and well in one of our
Norwegian Fjords.

The last barrelmaker in Samnøy?

When it comes to keeping a dying trade alive - Endre Samnoy is a
real cooperman. During his generation as a cooper, he's made thousands of them - from 50 gallon fish drums to miniature barrels.

Brimming with activity, the famiy not only prides itself on maintaining the demanding tradition of making genuine handcrafted barrels.

Combining old and new techniques, skilled coopers transform old
fish barrels into enticing art objects in a barn like workshop at
Samnøy in Fusa County, in the tranquillity of rural Fusa village,
Norway’s most famous coopering region.

As you can see on the picture, it’s not easy to find the last stave
with the right measure when you are starting the process.
Each has to be angled precisely so that when they're brought together
they make a perfect fit.

"A template's no good because all the angles are different," explains
Endre, "it's all down to your eye's judgment ".
If it's a larger barrel the angled staves are 'raised' in a cone-shaped
truss and then subjected to fire.

The fire softens the timber ready for bending and as the hoops are drawn
to the cask, the staves close together to form watertight joints.
"A well-made cask should last forever . . . or at least well after the
owner is long dead," he says, patting a barrel fondly with his gnarled hand.

He loves every moment of his work

Endre is a man who clearly loves every moment of his work, and admits
to disliking modern methods of the job.
"I love working with wood, there's a real joy from getting a well-presented finished product. I prefer using traditional tools as they're designed specifically for the task."

Endre's Barrel Product list

Endre have at least tree different product in his production line.

1. Original fish barrel
2. Half size tub for plants and flowers
3. Endre's Barrel Bar

If you want more information about this product, call Endre:
Phone: +47 56582826 or send me an e-mail, I will forward the information
to Endre.
5355 Knarrevik Norway
phone 47 56311207
e-mail request: click here
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