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    Ålesund Museum | Museum/Attraction Review | Alesund |
    ... Home > Destinations > Europe > Norway > West Coast Fjord Country > Alesund > Attractions > Ålesund Museum ... Index. Ålesund Museum. Hours. June 15-Aug 15 Mon-Fri 11am-4pm, Sat-Sun noon ...

    Unique Scandinavia
    Scandinavia. Savor The Moments. OSLO & ÅLESUND. Begin in Norway's capital, Oslo, a city steeped in history, yet very cosmopolitan. ... Ålesund is beautifully situated on several islands, near some of Norway's most famous ... The Ålesund Museum . Features exhibitions of photos, models, artifacts and paintings for ...

    BUG - Backpackers Guide to budget travel in Flaam, Voss, Lillehammer, Tronheim and Central Norway
    ... Ålesund Museum. Ålesund Museum gives an insight into the town's history including the fire of 1904 ...

    Aalesunds Museum
    ... The exhibitions in Aalesund Museum show various aspects of the city's development as a fishing, hunting ... The Fishery Museum, which is a part of Aalesund Museum, is located at Holmbua ...
    ... Ålesund has a number of interesting sights to see- especially some fine museums, churches and ... The city's museums include the Ålesund Museum which holds an extensive collection ... Tourist Directory Company
    Business Directories. Tourist Directories. Ålesund Museum Guide. Sunnmøre Museum

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Unique Scandinavia The Fishery Museum Presents lesunds history of fish production and export. Includes an exhibit of the manufacturing of dried cod and cod liver oil.

E-Cards Gallery click to send. 07.14.02 Dyb-Huset Buholmen 1879 (Sunnmre Museum, lesund/Aalesund/Alesund) Hilde Mari Linaker 07.14.02 Dyb-Huset

The Fishery Museum in lesund Norway Directory < Return to search < Return to search result! The Fishery Museum in lesund, Museums. to The Fishery Museum in lesund. from The Fishery Museum in lesund.

New Scandinavian Cooking - Destinations A Fishing and Shipping Port. The Aalesunds Museum gives a vivid insight into the history of lesund. The permanent exhibitions are

Official travel guide to Norway and a perfect holiday ... along the coast originated. The Aalesunds Museum gives a vivid insight into the history of lesund. The permanent exhibitions are

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