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    Lillesandsmarkedet Galleriside - Lillesand
    ... Lillesandsmarkedet Galleriside/Lillesand/ Lillesand. Benk foran Lusthus ... Kirke2. Lillesand_Museum. Lysthus 4 ...

    ... 1992, the now historic Lillesand Inn was at once ... of Lillesand date from the early 18th century, and the inn fits beautifully with the early houses, the museum, and the ...

    Lillesand municipality (Aust-Agder, Norway)
    Informations and links to Lillesand municipality (Aust-Agder, Norway) ... Lillesand. Geographical data. County: Aust-Agder ... Vestre Moland church in Lillesand (1805) Carl Knudsengården - town museum with models of sailing ships ...

    Naval and Maritime Museums: Norway
    Sunnmøre Museum. Borgundgavlen, N-6000 Ålesund. Telephone: +47 7015 4024/7015 4029. Telefax: +47 7015 4580 ... Strandgaten, N-4790 Lillesand. A local maritime museum. Måløy ...

    Kristiansand: Lillesand Hotel Norge - Deals and Reviews - Historic Hotel
    Lillesand Hotel Norge, Kristiansand: Historic Hotel - Visit TripAdvisor, your source for the web's best unbiased reviews of hotels and vacations, worldwide. ... Lillesand Hotel Norge: Deals and Reviews. (e.g., Boston hotels, Las Vegas, Paris art museum) ...

    Aboutus, Lillesand, Norway
    ... Shop, Art Guide, Museum & Galleries ... Entry, forms & assistance within the service range Lillesand >> ...

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Andre favorittlinker ITF search A museum in the Gamle Slaveri outlines the history of the Old Town. The mining Museum is a 700 m walk south of the railway station. Day 3 Dalen - Lillesand,

LillesandInn The interior of the region quickly becomes rugged, with a history of a hardy folk culture The Carl Knudsen Country Estate is Lillesands museum located in

Lillesand Hotel Norge - Kristiansand - Reviews of Lillesand Hotel ... (eg, Boston hotels, Las Vegas, Paris art museum). Browse. Get deals, news and articles on Lillesand Hotel Norge; Plus weekend trip ideas from your hometown.

Hotel Norge Lillesand The canopied gallery over the main entrance was glazed blue glass, as was customary in old-time Lillesand. have tried to preserve the cultural history of the

Aust-Agder engelsk Town Museum exhibition on the history of photography, maritime museum. Lillesand Town and Maritime Museum N-4790 Lillesand Tel: +47 37 27 04 30 Fax: +47 37

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