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    War Museum (Nordland Rode Kors Krigsminnemuseum) - Narvik - Reviews of War Museum (Nordland Rode Kors ...
    War Museum (Nordland Rode Kors Krigsminnemuseum): Visit TripAdvisor, your source for the web's best unbiased reviews and articles about War Museum (Nordland Rode Kors Krigsminnemuseum) in Narvik, Nordland. ... Norway > North Norway > Nordland > Narvik > Narvik Attractions > War Museum (Nordland Rode Kors Krigsminnemuseum) ...

    Ofoten Museum | Museum/Attraction Review | Narvik |
    ... Home > Destinations > Europe > Norway > Northern Norway > Narvik > Attractions > Ofoten Museum ... The Ofoten Museum has artifacts tracing the oldest human settlements in the area ... - Leipzig's Narvik Must See Activity Tips
    ... Leipzig's Tips on Travel To Narvik. Travel experience, unbiased tips, reviews, and pictures on ... owned by Ofoten Museum, was restored in 1991-92 by Narvik Adult Education Centre ...

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    ... The town of Narvik boasts a lovely setting at the tip of the peninsula between the Ofotfjord and ... portrayed in the town's Krigsminne Museum, came in the Second World War ...

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    ... The Alta museum is mainly devoted to the spectacular rock carvings in the area, but the ... just outside the museum. There are several remains of "Fortress Narvik" around the town ...

    ... Scientific program; Narvik museum; Vesterålen whalesafari; Tromsø museum ... Narvik museum; Vesterålen Whalesafari; Tromsø museum; Alta Alta museum; Maze ...

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Model Railroad Ofoten Museum Narvik Norway: html. Mining Museum LKAB Sweden:

models album Caption, Ofoten Museum, Narvik Viorel Boghean (artist) Nordalen Bridge SJ Dm3 (SMJK) Mas (UGJ). Date, File, 20031116ts005 copyweb. Photo, TS.

Things to do in Nordland - Nordland attractions Just enter your e-mail address: Recommended attractions (8). War Museum (Nordland Rode Kors Krigsminnemuseum), Narvik, Nordland Attraction type: History museum.

Cruise List by Ports of Call Narvik - Norway. Highlights: Krigsminne Museum, Narvik Fjord. Narvik, on the northwestern mainland of Norway, opposite the Lofoten

Nordland tourism - Nordland vacation reviews - Nordland vacations coverage. War Museum (Nordland Rode Kors Krigsminnemuseum), Narvik, Nordland; Ofoten Museum, Narvik, Nordland; Blodveimuseet, Bodo

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