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    Paleontological Museum, University of Oslo
    Exhibitions. The complete exhibitions are available from this site ! Research

    Mineralogical-geological museum, University of Oslo
    Mineralogical-Geological Museum. University of Oslo. The Geological Museum. Information in English: The Museum visiting address: Mineralogisk-Geologisk Museum, Sars' gate. 1, OSLO. Phone +47 22 85 17 00. Fax: +47 22 85 18 00

    Bygdoy, the museum center of Oslo, Norway - ExploreNorth
    For anyone with even a passing interest in history, Norway offers one of the finest networks of museums anywhere. ... Bygdøy. Oslo's Museum Centre. Click on each photo to greatly enlarge ... The Viking Ship Museum houses three ships found in large burial mounds in the Oslo fjord region ...
    ... and excursions, and free admission to the Oslo Transport Museum at Majorstuen and many other Scandinavian tramway ... The telephone in Oslo Transport Museum at Majorstuen, +47 22 60 94 ...

    Oslo's Norsk Folkemuseum
    Photos and comments about a trip to Norway in June, 2000, including remarks about Oslo's open-air Norsk Folkemuseum. ... Oslo: Open-Air Museum. In the 1850s a clergyman named Eilert Sundt toured Norway documenting living conditions ... from the 1300s. The Oslo Museum has buildings ranging from this to ...

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Munch-museet museumsbutikken. English, what's on, information, Edvard Munch, artworks, exhibitions, museum shop, Besk Munch-museets Venner, website by Metallic Avocado.

Welcome to the kon-Tiki Museum! Skoler og undervisning - Nye tilbud fra hsten 2004 klikk her (School and education. News from August 2004 - Norwegian text only).

Paleontologisk museum Forskning og undervisning Ved paleontologisk museum forskes det innen en rekke fagomrder, og det gis undervisning i paleontologi ved Universitetet i Oslo.

Bygdoy, the museum center of Oslo, Norway - ExploreNorth For anyone with even a passing interest in history, Norway offers a short ferry trip from downtown Oslo, is a The Norwegian Folk Museum (seen in the photo above

Paleontological Museum, University of Oslo The collection of types and illustrated fossils is searchable. Tarbosaurusskull prepared, "The Fossil Gallery" - The complete exhibition.

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