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    Risor Iracundus
    Introducing Risor Iracundus, a small group of concerned text-"adventure" players, writers, and critics who have come together to fight against the mundanity and inanity which haunts their favorite genre. The latest news:

    ~Artist Lynn Risor~
    Please send e-mail to L. Risor for inquiries. This page last updated on 10/19/2004 6:00:28 AM.

    Norway Attractions | Lonely Planet World Guide
    Events. History. Culture. Postcards. Norway. Attractions. Oslo. Oslo promotes itself as an outdoors city where the people are friendly and the air and water are clean.

    ~Texas Artist L. Risor ~
    More than two decades ago, native Texan, L. Risor, began. life as a skillful profesional. Artist, painting subjects. which bring a smile to the. Artist and those fortunate. enough to see or own one of. L. Risor's paintings.

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