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Keep quiet about this location.
It is my secret river and fishing hole

Fishing in Norway With a mainland coastline of 13,264 miles as well as countless fjords, lakes and rivers, Norway is a fisherman's paradise.

I like fishing because it is really calming and peaceful, not to mention a lot of fun.
Otra elva is the best river I have ever fished, and we encourage you to join us for this fantastic wilderness river option.
We stay at Hotel dølen, a friendly hotel with an informal atmosphere, located in a quiet area in Evje Setesdal.

A typical fishing day would start with a light breakfast of eggs, toast, orange juice, coffee or tea, a one pound slab of ham, short stack of cakes, and a Snicker bar. The Otra elva river is a quiet, gently flowing trout stream that offers fly fishers the chance to hunt large wild brown trout with dry flies. It is fly fishing's equivalent to bow hunting for trophy deer or calling in a giant elk.

Prime summer conditions arrive by early June. Midday hatches begin to taper off, although fish continue rising to PMDs through mid August.
From late July through early October it is always a good idea to tie on hopper pattern.
In 2004 we floated down the Otra elva river and five trout rising in a row-all feeding on hoppers blown into the river upstream.

Starting with the lowest fish, my lucky guest hooked all five and landed four, and all were over 20 inches. Silvey's Hexagenia flies hatch after sunset in mid-July. Working at a slight angle from behind the trout, cast only the tippet and a short portion of the leader over the fish so the fly drifts into view.

For further information about sea fishing regulations, please contact:
The Directorate of Fisheries.

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