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Adventures In Fishing

How to find the best location
where you can catch fish

Belly boat fishing at Hadeland

When fishing from a belly boat, you are in close contact with the water
An adventure you will never forget. This type of fishing is suitable for men,
women, and children over 12 years old.


From midsummer through the middle of august is high season for sport fishing
in Central Norway. You have the opportunity to join in a unique fishing experience
and catch pike, perch and trout in areas not far from Oslo.

Scandinavian Sportfishing & Wildlife organize various Belly Boat trips for groups
of people.
You can float along the shores of the Storelva River by Hønefoss or you can float on
the beautiful lakes near Hadeland. You will fish in areas along the shores that are
inaccessible from land, areas under trees and areas with seaweed beds where fish
often hide. You will be in close contact with nature and her wildlife. This adventure
reminds many of their childhood experience exploring unknown territory.

Alternative fishing tours
Scandinavian Sportfishing & Wildlife arrange 3 kinds of travel trips for groups of
five to ten people:
- Belly Boat fishing for pike in lakes
- Belly Boat for trout and perch on a private trout lake in Hadeland
River fishing ending up in Tyrifjorden, on of the larges lakes in Norway

Pikes- and Perch fishing

Scandinavian Sportfishing & Wildlife arranges Belly Boat fishing for pike, perch
and trout.
They supply you with all the equipment you need, including Belly boats,
wetpants (waders), fishing poles, small equipment boxes with lures
and spinners, etc.

All you need is warm clothes and a good attitude. Belly boat fishing on the river
takes approximately 6 hours.
Belly boat fishing on a lake takes up to 8 hours. The lake fishing take place on seaweed lake. The lake is also known for rich bird life.
Both trips are arranged in well known “Viking areas” and you will be able to observe
burial mounds as part of the trip if you wish.
Belly bout fishing is very simple, but you can get guidance from on of us along the way.

Guide services tailored to meet your needs
Scandinavian Sportfishing & Wildlife offers guides with local knowledge about
the fishing areas in Central Norway. Some areas are easily accessible, while others
require a walking tour into the woods before you can start fishing.

Local guides know the areas that are worth knowing. They know where you can catch fish and guarantee an optimal experience. The guide give you guidance from an accompanying belly boat or from the shore. When fishing from a Belly Boat you can fish in areas inaccessible from shore.

Adventure in fishing
Scandinavian Sportfishing & Wildlife can offer you adventurous fishing trips based
on your wishes. And promise you the experience of a lifetime.
Trips are arranged in the district of Hole, Ringerike and Hadeland in Central Norway.
The area have unlimited possibilities for fishing and outdoor activities.
In addition, you will be able to observe Norwegian cultural history by observing the
local village and the many burial sites dating back to the Vikings. All trips are less than
one hour from Oslo.

The areas you can explore represent some of the best pike-, perch- and trout fishing in
Norway. In beautiful surroundings, you will be able to fish from shore or from a belly
boat. You can fish for pike or perch with spinner or lures or you can try flyfishing for
In some areas, pike weighing up to 20 pounds are caught every year, and catching pike from 8 to 10 pounds is not unusual.


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