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A visit to Dale of Norway, a small village on a fjord


Dale of Norway Hafjell Polarwind with Teflon Free Shipping: Through December 31

Norway is known for its beautiful handknit sweaters in all colors of the spectrum,
expertly woven and wonderfully warm. Dale of Norway is the preeminent manufacturer
of Norwegian sweaters; they boast an incredible 250 styles and colors in their product
line. Other knit goods, such as gloves, hats and scarves, are also good buys and
excellent quality.

Norway has a long history of woodcarving that dates back to the days of the Vikings

The art of rose-painting, rosemaling, was originally used as a style of decorating peasant furniture and
household items.
Today different styles and designs can be found
throughout Norway.

Tell clients to keep their eyes peeled for Tax-Free signs posted in many stores.

Watch the Winter Olympics in a warm comfortable Dale of Norway sweater.
Dale of Norway has created commemorative sweater collections for the Winter Olympics,
the Norwegian National Ski Team. In addition to the intricately designed sweaters,
the Salt Lake 2002 line includes matching tasseled hats and fleece lined headbands.
Dale of Norway is an Official Licensee of the United States Olympic Committee.

Dale of Norway's $200 heavyweight ski sweaters were also standouts, and the brand's
Olympic-inspired styles are expected to become more popular as the Winter Games approach.

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1. Cruise the fjords in spring time, when everything comes alive!

2. Visit the apple orchards of Fjord Norway when they are in bloom (spring)

3. Buy shrimp off a boat at Aker Brygge, a local favorite

4. Listen to a Grieg concert at Hotel Ullensvang

5. Experience the breathtaking scenery on the "Norway in a Nutshell" tour

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