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What to do in Hardanger?

A visit to Rosendal and Eidfjord will
give you the answer

It’s summer and we want to learn more about Hardanger and what the hotels in
the region can offer us. I have selected two hotels in Hardanger, one in Rosendal
the outer part of the Fjord.
The other hotel are located in Eidfjord, the inner part of Hardanger.

Our car is packed and ready for a road trip from Bergen to Rosendal, My wife is
responsible for the luggage, so if something is forgotten now, I have to buy it in
My route was going to be odd enough –heading not west, but east to Nordheimsund
along the great Hardangerfjord on road 49 to Gjermundshamn, the ferry landing.

An epic drive, but one divided into neat, manageable episodes, each Encapsulating
a bit of what Hardanger has to offer.
I took a few pictures in Nordheimsund on this path to Gjermundshamn.
The ferry trip over the fjord from Gjermundshamn to Løfallstrand took about 45 minutes. After a few minutes drive, we are there, at our hotel in Rosendal.

And here we found a village with roses all over the place; it was roses on both side
of the road from the center of Rosendal to the hotel.

Now I know why the name of this place is Rosendal.


Romantic Rosendal - a destination to excite
all of your senses.

Rosendal Fjordhotel

Rosendal fjord-hotel doesn’t rise up high from the landscape, jarring your
eyesight they blend beautifully into their surroundings, quietly whispering "world class."

The hotel is located near the beach with a green lawn between the hotel and the
beach or shoreline. I ask for a room with a sea view, but that was already booked for me.

My room is on the ground level, so it is easy to jump outside on the green lawn.
The room has lamina parquet flooring; new comfortable furniture, linen curtains and
the bathroom had beautiful tiles on the walls.

The view from my room.

With the fjord and mountain in the background, and the green lawn in front of us,
you have a feeling of having the nature inside the room.
You don’t need any picture on the wall here.

Rosendal Fjordhotel restaurant visit.

A meal can be made from the menu's five appetizers. I love the Hotel’s own lightly
cured salmon and tandoori smoked trout.
Served with green salad and cream cheese with dill and mustard.

From the main dishes.

Grilled French rack of red deer with black pepper sauce.
Served with paprika filled with cream cheese

And at last my dessert.
Strawberries and vanilla ice cream.

This 3 course menu cost me NOK 445.- plus wine NOK 120.-

And of course, for special meals, it is worth to order some really stunning examples of German’s top wines.
So what to order? Quite simply wines that you enjoy drinking, not wines that you
ought to enjoy drinking. Here’s an idea of the wines I’ll enjoying this summer.

At this time of year, its absolutely essensial to have a good red wine.
We particulary adore PALACIO DE MONSALUD red wine, and

We found the service to be very good. Unlike some upscale restaurants where you get ignored if your waiter isn’t available, it seems routine at this Hotel for waiters to cheerfully help keep watch over each other’s tables.

So what can the hotel offer you?

Rosendal Fjordhotel has 95 rooms with total of 200 beds and dining
room seating 350 guests. The hotel is frequently used as a course
and conference venue.
As a resident in this hotel, you can use the hotels gardens, shoreline,
Tennis court, sauna, sun beds and modern keep-fit centre.

If you like fishing, boats and fishing gear are available.
Sea plane flight-seeing over the Folgefonn Glacier is a favorite

A guided tour at the Rosendal Baronial Manor.
The Rosendal Baronial Manor is one of the foremost tourist attraction
in the Western Norway. Here you have a 300 year old renaissance rose garden.
A romantic park from around 1850 with walking paths with views to
the fjord, waterfall and majestetic mountains.

Other Hotels and Café’s in Rosendal.

If you don’t want to take all meals at the hotel, take a 5 minute walk from
the hotel to the center of Rosendal, you have two or tree other restaurants in the
near centre area.

I have tried two of them.
Rosendal gjestgiverei
We had an absolutely wonderful meal here. The ambience is relaxed and breezy.
If you are early in evening, you can find a table by the edge of the terrace.
It overlooks Rosendal Bay, with sensational views.

Spiskammerset, Rosendal:
It’s a good alternative for groups up to 50 or 55 persons. The restaurant is
in the old furniture factory in Rosendal. This factory has been restored and
turned into the mall "Naturhuset Snikkeriet".
This restaurant can also deliver asian food if you prefer that.

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