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Optimize Your WordPress Blog for Search Engine Positioning...
Losing ground on your Word Press blog in the search engines? It's no wonder, the marketplace is being saturated with blogs these days.

If you need some new techniques and tricks to getting more rank in google or any other search engine, read this article that discusses adding keyword and description meta tags to your blog, setting up permalinks and pinging...

All in the name of Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Bloggers.
New! Google's XML Site Maps
A list of no-cost programs to create a new XML sitemap that you submit to Google - aiding the search engine to index all your pages, exclude the ones you don't want it visiting (your product download pages for instance) and more...

You can read about the google sitemap program and grab the links to free creation tools here...
Creative Writing - For Business and Personal
New articles are added every day on creative writing in this section of the Awaken Creativity website.

You'll find other sections on Creative Advertising and Creative Marketing, but the link here takes you directly to helpful tips on creative writing for blogs, business, and personal growth.
Brainstorm Ideas for Products and Websites
'Idea Gold' is a new book release by Dr. Joe Vitale and Laura Childs on generating ideas that turn into money.

Comes with it's own trigger sheet to help you brainstorm the ideas that develop into income.

These are the tools, techniques and resources used by a few of the leading work at home marketers to continuously develop new money making ideas...
Using Automatic Posting With Blogs - RSS2Blogs
One new blog tool stands out head and shoulders above the rest this month.

An auto-submitters - posting RSS feed items to a blog - without any interaction on your part, past the initial set up.

This is a long review...if you have specific questions feel free to post them below…or view the Sample Sites resource box.

The product I recommend for this purpose is RSS2Blog, see the entire review on the site.
Making Money with Blogs - Part 2
How Can You Make Money with Your Blog?


Google’s Adsense is a super easy way to make money with your website or blog.

If you’re new to the ‘make money online’ world and have just started a blog to test your online income potential you may be apprehensive at first, but once you see the automated income you’ll quickly change your tune.

How do I know? Because I was just like you!

RSS Feeds For Marketers!
Dying for hits from targeted buyers?

Learn how to explode your sales and subscribers - whether you target a niche market or not - with this fully explained process...

It is easier than you think! If you can follow instructions, ftp to your own server and take a free course on keywords, you will enjoy success! Many others are already seeing great results!
Free Course: Niche Marketing
Get a quick start to making money online.

Jump into the niche marketing trend - it really is not that hard once you have the concept planted in your brain.

Works! Even for newbies!

You can read all about it in less than an hour and start brainstorming ideas within the week! Click here.
Free Marketing e-Courses
A list of free e-courses is now available to view with brief reviews at smartzville.com More are being added as they are discovered and assessed.

Learn Niche Marketing on the site plus find many more ecourses available on Internet Marketing.

All free for the taking!
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