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Stryn where, in the last week of July, girls where skiing in bikinis.

The Summer Ski Centre is one of the most popular attractions in Stryn.
Whether you like alpine, telemark, snowboard, freestyle or cross country skiing: at Stryn Summer Ski Centre you can enjoy the unique experience to ski on summer snow. The ski centre can offer two lifts, ski rental, ski school, cafeteria and lots of fun.

Stryn Summer Ski Centre is situated by "Gamle Strynefjellsvegen", the old road over Stryn Mountain, 32 kilometres east of Strynsvatn Camping.

It was the hottest summer in 21 years when we visit Stryn
and one of our most remarkable day trips was to the mountain ski resort of Stryn where, in the last week of July, girls where skiing in bikinis.

The snow was still metres thick and not melting, despite the sweltering sunshine.

And when a coach took us on a white-knuckle ride, 4,500 feet up to the
top of Mount Dalsnibba - the highest point on Norway's roads - there
was not a breath of wind at the top.

Olden vannet (Olden Lake) in Olden Valley

Like gods in the clouds, we looked down on our cruise ship anchored in
the distance in Geiranger Fjord.

THE 67-mile fjord is the most beautiful in Norway and attracts more
than 120 cruise ships from all over the world every summer.

Around every corner, spectacular waterfalls with names like The Bridal Veil
and The Seven Ladies tumbled into the fjord.

THE OLD STRYNEFJELL ROAD – past stone walls and guard stones
“The high mountain’s glacial might”, wrote the great Norwegian poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson in a guest book in Grotli following a visit in 1896.

The majestic Strynefjell pass has inspired poets and artists up through the ages. Here amid long plateaus, mountain peaks and steep ravines, they have found quiet – or inspiration.

A narrow road twists at one with nature through the Strynefjell pass, a bit of Norwegian road-building history, which was the only road for vehicular traffic between Skjåk and Stryn for most of the previous century. In 1997 the road was designated a tourist route, and was upgraded to a National tourist route in 2003.
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