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Visas and Passport Travel Tips


Here are a few helpful tips for your visit to Norway

Passport and Visas
To enter Norway if a citizen of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada or
Western Europe you need a valid passport, but no Visa unless you intend to stay for
longer than 3 months. Your 3-month periods are calculated from the time you enter
country in Scandinavia. Your passport must remain valid throughout the 3-month period.
Your nearest Norwegian embassy will positively give you visa information.

Currency and Money
Norway once had the reputation of being the most expensive country in Europe. Price
differences between Norway and rest of the Europe are now narrowing or vanished.
It's not that Norway has grown less expensive; the rest of Europe has caught up with it.
The total cost of visiting Paris, Stockholm or Copenhagen may easily exceed that in any
part of Norway.
The Norwegian crown (krone) is commonly abbreviated as NOK. One Norwegian krone
equal 100 øre. Post Offices and Banks exchange major foreign currency and travelers
cheques. Major credit cards are gladly accepted in most places in Norway.

Norwegian, like Danish and Swedish, belongs to the northern group of German language.
A mixed group of the three nationalities freely converse among themselves, each speaking his native tongue. Norwegian is not a language for the shy; many words are
enunciated and spoken with great vigour.
Do try to learn a bit of Norwegian, although pronunciation is notoriously difficult for the
native English speaker.
Norwegian must now take English in school, and many particulary if under 50 years of age, can communicate in English, but only at basic level. Engelish skills fade away as you travel deeper into the rural areas.

For entry into Norway from infection-free nations, such as Canada the USA or anywhere
In Western Europe, you need no vaccination nor must you take any special medical
Prescriptions from foreign countries will not be honored; you should bring plenty of your prescriptions medicines with you. Medicines should be carried in their original bottles, or
you should carry a doctor’s letter of verification.

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