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"A Guide to Little Known Scenic
Treasures of the Norwegian
mountains and fjords.

Everyone knows where the big attractions are; I will hopefully take you to those
lesser-known places.

The true nature lover lover who wants to see totally untouched nature and a
scenery that is no more common in Europe, have a great chance to experience it in Norway
You'll feels like a true explorer the first time you sees the mountains in the fjords.


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Norway is a country for every age, gender and disposition.
It is a country that covers so many interests that describing it is
'a place where thereis something for everyone' is no cliche.

It is a country for couples, singles,friends and family. One where sports lovers are
tirelessly amused on both land and water, while those seeking culture explore the
wooden Stave churches, museums and other ancient treasure.

And for food lovers? Well, you can never go wrong with Norwegian food, whether from mountain hut or your smartest resturant in Oslo ,Bergen or another city.

Whats more , you simply will not have time to do everything, so you
will just have to return to Norway, again and again.

So what was our favorite location in Norway, after many years of travel
hiking/walking and fishing tours.
They all were! You know, every trip in Norway is not the same, each with its individual
characters that make it unique.

Still, I'll answer that question the best I can
(along with my family and friends
who's helping me with travel reports and writing). And during this year we also
came to have a whole bunch of other favorites, which I will be writing about in
this Web site...

  • Our favorite hiking and walks in the mountain
  • Absolute "must do" in Norway
  • Best hotels and resorts (cheap and expensive
  • Norwegian restaurants
  • The best fishing spot on the west coast of Norway
  • The totally unique "little things" that make Norway, Norway.

More to come on these and other "Norwegian best" things to do, eat, and experience.
Watch as I add to this list of " different things" in Norway...

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